One corner at a time

3 ideas to help keep you from feeling overwhelmed when designing your space

Redecorating or redesigning your space can feel like a daunting task. It takes time and money and if I'm being candid, who has either of those to spare? And what if it doesn't end up looking like the masterpiece you imagined? I tell you what happens, you pretend as though you like it for years because you're too proud and stubborn to admit you don't like it to anyone but yourself.

I've done the above plenty of times; and I've painted and repainted rooms, purchased and returned textiles and artwork and switched out furniture time and time again. But I've learned a lot in the process.

Don't start by designing the entire space, pick a small focal point.

Focusing in on one smaller project within a larger room will really help you develop the look and feel you're going for. This gives you the opportunity to make some ugly mistakes that won't break the bank. Start with one bookshelf, or a few pieces of art that really speak to you and find complementary pieces to add to the room from there.

Don't make it a weekend project.

As great as that may sound, pushing yourself to completely redesign a room in one weekend is nuts. Unless you're a professional interior decorator, don't even think about it. Give yourself a few weeks to get it right. If you're like me, it may be a struggle to suppress the urge to go hog-wild at Hobby Lobby - but I believe in you!  Break your redesign into a few smaller, more manageable sections. Spend one weekend painting, another few days on the headboard/bedding, a week later add some complementary curtains and textiles...

Don't break the bank, but invest in staple pieces.

Listen ya'll. I love a good DG vase just as much as the next girl, but much like a wardrobe, be sure to invest in some high quality staple pieces. This could be a beautiful rug or sofa, a great dresser or a solid dining room table. If you find something you love TREAT YO SELF. It will elevate the entire room, so much so that the small side table you got at the Family Dollar just may pass as a minimalist piece with simple lines.

If you're Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace savvy, you may be able to find these sorts of pieces without the hefty price tag. One of my favorite pieces in my home is this half-century-old curio cabinet I found at a garage sale a few years back. I paid $125 for it - probably one of the best deals of my life. It's so pretty that all the dollar-store tchotchkes inside feel just a smidge fancier...




Moral of this story, don't be afraid of the journey. And don't be afraid to be critical of your space - making mistakes is one of the best ways to figure out what style you really do love (just keep those mistakes small corners, not entire rooms!).




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