My favorite local picking spots

A lot of times when people come into my home they'll ask about certain pieces and where I got them. I have a sometimes classic, sometimes eclectic kind of style, so there is usually something interesting around for almost any taste.  What I've found is that I have my go-to retailers and shop owners - the same five or six places make up about 80 percent of the furniture and decor in my home.

In this post I'll share with you my absolute favorite places to shop for all things "home."

(Not included here are the many thrift stores and garage sales I dump oodles of money into as well.)

First & Vine - Spooner, WI

I've known Kate for a few years and when she and a friend opened their shop a few years back, I couldn't wait to check it out.

Try First & Vine for:

  • Curated home decor, small and large
  • Accent furniture (and their larger dining sets are to die for!)
  • CLOTHES. Now, I know this isn't a fashion blog but you need to check out their new "Closet"
  • Candles and accessories

My favorite buy from First & Vine: this gorgeous throw blanket.

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Junquetacular sales - Spooner, WI

Mary Jane is a goddess when it comes to picking antiques and refurbishing furniture. Her sales are seriously to die for. I can't go into a room in my house that doesn't have one of her fantastic pieces in it, that's how obsessed I am. Her garage-sale style sales also have some of the best prices around. Watch the Advertisers in the warmer months.

Try Mary Jane's Junquetacular sales for:

  • Accent furniture
  • Wall decor
  • Legitimately old antiques, in rustic condition

My favorite piece from Mary Jane: this fabulous, over-sized coffee table.

Grandma's Attic - Falun, WI

This place is amazing! Between Siren and Grantsburg is this fantastic little antique shop with the best prices and the most interesting finds. Last time we were there I asked the owner why the prices where so low, and he said it's a hobby - "My wife can't buy more things if we can't get rid of what we already have!

Try Grandma's Attic for:

  • Bookshelf fodder
  • Old books and glassware
  • Beautiful, rusty antiques

My favorite find: This amazing milk bottle sign.

ReStore - Spooner, WI (and elsewhere)

You have to be willing to go a few times and walk out empty handed, is all. You're not always going to find something, but when you do it's sure to be a unique piece. Also, who can balk at their fabulous Habitat for Humanity mission!

Try Restore for:

  • Furniture to upcycle
  • Old books
  • Tchotchkes and bookshelf fodder

My favorite ReStore find: these fantastic, colorful books .

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