It’s been awfully quiet in these parts…


I know you all lead very busy lives and so the lack of our social media posts probably hasn’t crossed your mind…but in case it has, I think I owe a bit of an explanation for the silence.

We are still working on our Elm Street renovation and are continuing to develop a property management portfolio of high-quality vacation rentals (more on that soon), but December brought with it some pretty significant life changes.

For the past three years, I have enjoyed a fantastic job with a local non-profit as their director of marketing and communications. I owe a lot to this company because I have learned and grown an incredible amount both professionally and personally. While there were a lot of factors that went into my decision, the most important was the desire to live a life with my family where I wasn’t absent for 11 hours each day. I wanted a life that was busy and hectic but on our terms. So, we made the leap and I gave my notice.

I love Porch Light Homes. Everything about this new venture is me and my family. As you can imagine, this endeavor requires significant capital and getting rid of my salary isn’t going to make things easier.

So, these past 4 weeks I’ve been terribly busy trying to resurrect my freelancing career. I am so lucky because I have a network of extraordinarily supportive friends and colleagues who have given me some exciting opportunities. These opportunities have come on more quickly than I anticipated, so I’ve been spending each day at my 9-5 (my last day isn’t for a few more weeks), and then each evening in my home office, creating relationships and working diligently for the folks who have given me a chance to work with them and their graphic design needs.

It has been exhausting, but it will be so worth it. Come February and the official end to my director position, I will have a solid core group of clients, ensuring that we’ll be able to pay our bills (darn car loans!) and keep chugging along towards our hopes and dreams for Porch Light Homes.

So yes! We are still working hard, albeit slowly for the time being. I’m keeping the faith though – Porch Light Homes has always been about the journey…both for me and my family and for this gem on Elm Street which turned a small flame into a passionate fire for home renovation.

Stay tuned!



My New Office [thanks boys!]

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