It’s been a year!

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I can't believe how time has flown! It's been a year since we purchased Elm Street. Our first flip has taken little [read: a lot] longer than we originally anticipated, but we are so happy to know that all of the hard work we've put in ensures that the next owners of Elm Street will have a home that is safe, practical and beautiful.

A  few of the updates:

  1. Removed the 1st floor bedroom, creating an open floor plan with a kitchen/living/dining combo.
  2. Removed all plaster and replaced with drywall and (coming soon) shiplap.
  3. New electrical throughout the house.
  4. New plumbing.
  5. New ductwork.
  6. New insulation.
  7. New vinyl, double-hung windows.
  8. Added closets for each of the bedrooms.


We're going to work extraordinarily hard over the next few weeks to wrap this project up! From here on out, it's all work that we've done before, so fingers crossed for smooth sailing!

Now that things are looking a little prettier, we'll be sure to post more updates!


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