A Poor [wo]Man’s Solution to a Home Full of Tongue & Groove…

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Disclaimer: If you're a shiplap "purist" you may find the following post deeply, deeply disturbing.

In northwestern Wisconsin, you'll be hard pressed to find a home that doesn't feature knotty pine carsiding...so when we moved into our home, we weren't surprised to find a splash of it here and there.

While I don't necessarily hate the look, it just isn't a style I wanted in my own home.

At the time we moved in, my husband and I were strapped for cash (like that's changed much, lol!), so everything was DIY or bust. Not to show my age, but this was pre-Joanna Gaines era, so the word shiplap wasn't even in my vocabulary at the time. I think I used the term "plank wall" or something similar.

In order to update the look, we took down all of the carsiding and ran it through a table saw to remove all of the tongues. Originally, the tongue and groove was vertical, but we cut down the boards and laid them horizontal for a more updated look.

A few coats of primer and white paint, and we ended up with a look we love. Shiplap proper? No. But totally budget-friendly and gave us the look we were hoping for.

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